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This is a typical variety from Aragon, with a good quality oil and rather hardy. It is normally grafted.


Its name comes from its rootstock. It is also known as Aragonesa, Fina, Zaragozana, etc.


It is mainly found in the Ebro valley, through Aragon, mainly in the province of Zaragoza. It is also widely cultivated in the Balearic Islands, where we can find very old, monumental trees of this variety.

Agronomic characteristics

It is a grafted variety due to its low rooting capacity, which has conditioned the current spread of its cultivation. Constant and high yield. Early maturation and easily detached. It is quite hardy, which is why it has been planted in poor and dry soils. Acceptably resistant to cold temperatures and verticillium wilt. Sensitive to peacock spot, tuberculosis and olive fruit fly.


Leaf: flat, elliptical-lanced shape.

Fruit: long, flat base and rounded tip.

Stone: pointed base and tip. With apiculus.


High quality oil, with a high fat content. It is also consumed as black seasoned olives (wrinkled and overripe) in the regions it is cultivated. They are highly valued.