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since 1926

In 1926, Pedro Provedo founded Viveros Provedo in Logroño, La Rioja. After years of hard work, the company succeeded in positioning itself as national market leader in the production of woody plants. It was his son, Pedro Provedo, who in the mid seventies began to open up international markets and make the Provedo name a reference in the sector at worldwide level. In 2003, the third generation of the family, in the shape of Javier and Ignacio, would take up the reins. Provedo took a further step on the path of innovation with several projects to improve the genetic make-up of stone fruit and grapevines.

hojas provedo

Faithful to our roots, the company headquarters remains in the Varea district of Logroño.

In addition, Provedo are present in Don Benito in Extremadura where we have a centre for research and innovation. We also have regional offices in Catalonia, Castilla la Mancha and Murcia.

Our facilities are made up of over 20,000 square metres of greenhouses, 8,000 cubic metres of cold storage and 5,000 square metres of warehouses.

National leader, in the production of woody agricultural plant species

We are national market leaders in the production of vines, fruit and olive trees, reaching a production of 4 million plants per year which we supply all over the Iberian Peninsula and to Mediterranean countries.

To ensure that our clients receive a quality product which meet the regulatory health standards, all our plants are checked in our laboratories and are subsequently submitted for public health inspection.

laboratorio provedo

Our trees are born and grow in the river plains of the Ebro and Guadiana valleys, where we have over 200 hectares. We produce the best plants thanks to the tremendous quality of our land and our deep knowledge of their characteristics.

The daily work in the field is combined with that in the laboratory. We have completely refurbished and updated facilities where our R&D team reproduce plants using “in vitro” cultivation techniques.

laboratorio provedo

At Provedo we have two laboratories where we carry out various genetic enhancement projects using cutting-edge techniques.

Among our R&D Department’s current projects two of the most important are the production of new varieties of stone fruit with a taste found nowhere else in the market and the clonal selection of grapevine varieties.

generaciones provedo

If there is one thing which makes us stand out, that would be the values which our company transmits.  One generation has acted as a guide to the next, allowing us to grow not only as a business but also in human terms.

We believe in the values of hard work, responsibility and application, as well as having a firm commitment to society.

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