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We may sometimes use a technology known as  “cookies” in order to give the user of our web a series of more personalised contents and/or services. A “cookie” is a tool used to send data from a web site to the user’s web browser. They play a vital role in providing many services within the framework of the society of information. Among others, they allow a web page to store and recover data about the user’s browsing habits or of their device, depending on the information obtained, these may be used  to improve the service on offer.

“Cookies” can be stored on the user’s hard disc so that his device will be recognised when it returns to our web site. In any case, it is always possible for the user to specify in his browser program’s preferences that he should receive a warning before accepting any “cookie”.  Furthermore, from his browser, a user can also use his right to delete or deactivate  “cookies”.


Depending on the body which controls the  dominion from which the cookies are sent and which treats the data gathered, two kinds can be differentiated: own cookies and third-party cookies.

Considering how long they remain stored on the user’s browser, they may be session cookies or persistent cookies.

And, finally, depending on the purpose for which the treated data obtained is used, we can distinguish between technical cookies, personalisation cookies, analysis cookies, advertising cookies and behavioural publicity cookies.

For more information on this you can consult the Guide on the use of cookies of the Spanish data Protection Agency.


Strictly needed  cookies: we use the session-only cookies strictly needed for the correct use of our web site, allowing access to the sections which involve security filters.  Without these cookies many of the available services would not be able to function. If you delete or deactivate these cookies, you will not be able to visit our web. These are temporary  cookies which are not stored on the user’s device and which disappear when the session ends.

Cookies used for external content : we use Google Maps as a complement to some of the applications so as to view our offices’ geographical position. Google Maps generate two types of cookies (NID and REF) for their internal functioning and are entirely managed by  Google.

Analytical Cookies: We use Google Analytics, a web analytical service developed by Google which stores cookies so as to gather statistics about traffic and the volume of visits to our web. Google promises not to share this information with third parties, except where it is necessary for the functioning of the system or when law requires them to do so. You can find out more about these cookies at:

Cookies used by social networks: insofar as it makes use of  “social plug-ins”, our web permits the user to connect to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, in order to enable the user to share those contents which are of interest with his social circle. Furthermore, this avoids the need for the user to facilitate his personal data to our web site through the use of information which is already publicly shared on this social network.

On the Home page you will see the option of giving or denying your consent regarding the cookies used by our web. If you accept the cookies you will not see this message again when you access any page on the site during the current session.

This web site accepts no responsibility for the content or the accuracy  of the privacy policies that any third party mentioned in this cookies policy section may have of their own.