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- Vine Plants -

Viveros Provedo is currently the national market leader in the production and sale of grapevine plants. At the present time we offer over 50 varieties to our customers.

The vine plants are uprooted from the nursery once the graft is perfectly welded on, then they are carefully selected and are stored in cooled chambers which have been specially acclimatised for their optimum conservation. January is when the best time for planting out begins and this extends until the month of June.

We produce certified plants which meet the regulatory health standards and are checked internally in our laboratory as well as public health inspections.


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All the vine plants are produced in our nursery in Logroño (La Rioja) where the good quality soil and perfect climate, means that our plants are delivered fully acclimatised for transplanting in our customers’ orchards.

Moreover, all our products undergo health checks conducted by the Inspection Service of the La Rioja Government as well as in our own laboratories, in order to ensure that all our production of seedlings is free of pests and diseases.

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