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Late variety located in the eastern region of Badajoz (Extremadura). It sets the tone of the oils produced under the D.O Monterrubio.


It is also known as Corniche, among others, although the homonyms and synonyms employed are confusing.


Mainly located in the municipality Monterrubio de la Serena, in the eastern region of Badajoz, and planted in a relatively small area that reaches the province of Cordoba.

Agronomic characteristics

It is a large olive with high productivity. Late and complicated maturation; therefore, it is slightly resistant to detachment. It is a hardy variety, although not very resistant to excessively cold temperatures in winter. Sensitive to peacock spot and anthracnose. Slightly sensitive to tuberculosis and olive fruit fly.


Leaf: long, lanced shape.

Fruit: large, asymmetrical with hunchbacked shapes and a marked nipple.

Stone: elliptical, with round tip and pointed base. Ends in an apiculus.


Very high quality oil with a high industrial yield. It complements other varieties very well, such as the Picual, producing fruity oils with pleasant green notes and a marked personality. They are also used as table olives, and the Machada is locally very popular

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