This fruit tree is starting to being cultivated in Spain, although already there are some productive adult plantations in areas of  Lerida (Cataluña) and Castilla La Mancha.

Its quality properties of resistance to dry climate and poor and basic soil conditions, makes the pistachio tree and interesting cultivation in certain marginal areas of Central and Southern Spain.

Under suitable irrigation conditions and with minimum attention it can produce excellent fruit qualities and high productivity and yielding.

The tree must be grafted. A male tree will produce the pollen needed for the fecundation of the female. Male and female variety selection is essential to ensure the overlapping of the flowering process achieving adequate flower fertilization.

Pistachio tree needs hot weather and low humidity for ripening, which makes central and Southern parts of the Iberian Peninsula suitable areas for its cultivation.

Pistachio is a nutrient dense nut with a high protein content, full of fibre and antioxidants and rich in oleic acid. Pistachios improve cardiovascular disease risk factor.