It is the most cultivated variety in Castilla La Mancha where it is perfectly adapted due to its rusticity and especially for its cold resistance. High yield fruit that produces very well balanced and appreciated oils.


It has several names. All of them in reference to its peculiar horn fruit shape, so it is also known as: Corniche, Cornezuelo, etc.


Very important variety with more than 300.000 ha, mainly located along Toledo Mountains and through Tajo Valley (Madrid, Toledo and Cáceres) and wide areas of Badajoz and Ciudad Real.


Late blossom and fruit ripening. With a strong tendency to alternative yearly productions, it has very good yields. High fat content. Valued variety in continental climates with poor and dry soils. Difficult picking what conditions the machine picking. Very sensitive to tuberculosis, also to leaf spot disease and olive-fly. Sensitive to verticillium wilt.


Leaf: Similar to Picual, but Cornicabra, but flat
Fruit: Elongated and asymmetrical fruit with truncated base and without nipple. In ripening time has a red wine colour.
Stone: Elongated, with pointed base and tip. Asymmetrical


Very valued oil with a high organoleptic valuation and with high stability.High commercial appreciation. Its flesh quality makes a perfect home product, but it has also a green use.